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Government Low Interest Loans for Small Businesses via SBA

clock 10 Jun, 2022 comment 0 Comments

Government Low Interest Loans for Small Businesses via SBA 6-10-22 Running a small business has had its share of uncertainty over the past couple of years. Between record inflation, wavering public demand, increasing interest rates on loans, and difficulties with supply chain management, there are many concerns we’ve had to navigate. Fortunately the federal government is always in need of products and services and can provide loans to small businesses to help you pivot to public sector contracting. The Small...



Understanding the Types of Federal Contracts

clock 01 Mar, 2018 comment 0 Comments

After our primer on the “Contract Action Types” used by the Federal government, EZGovOpps is now describing another contract attribute searchable as an advanced option in the EZGovOpps software: the actual type of contract used. Take a look below at descriptions of fourteen of the Federal contract types, based on their definitions in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR): Firm Fixed Price A firm fixed price contract, as the name implies, applies a cost to contractor performance at the outset of the...



How to avoid missing an important contract…

clock 13 Sep, 2017 comment 0 Comments

With thousands of data sources available and hundreds of diverse contracting offices, it can be difficult to keep track of procurement opportunities that may be a fit for your company. Between requirement shifts, changes in contracting offices or officers, or simply the drawn-out process that some large solicitation opportunities go through, focusing on the first announcement of a new solicitation may leave you at a disadvantage as it moves further along in the process through another vehicle. EZGovOpps has the...



Federal Contracting Revenue: How to Report and Research

clock 01 Jun, 2017 comment 0 Comments

For companies just getting started in Federal contracting, a first important step is registering in the System for Award Management (, as every company looking to do business with the US Government is required to have an entry in the database. Once you are registered, you have the opportunity to expand the picture of your company for interested customers. For companies seeking more information on competitors or possible contracting partners, this presents a good source of information, but certain challenges...



How to Track and Forecast Subcontracting Awards

clock 24 May, 2017 comment 0 Comments

According to, only less than 23% of registered Women-Owned Small Businesses have been awarded prime contracts. This is a great example of how important winning subcontracting awards is for small businesses involved in Federal procurement. EZGovOpps is here to provide some methods for researching subcontracting data, some shortcomings of publicly reported data, and the benefits of using a market intelligence platform for hunting down future subcontracting opportunities for your company. While prime contractors are required by the Federal government...



Trending the Top NAICS Codes in Federal Procurement for 2017

clock 18 May, 2017 comment 0 Comments

An important aspect to working in the Federal contracting space, beyond hunting down specific opportunities, is understanding the broader trends that are shaping the Federal marketplace. Using Federal reporting data, EZGovOpps has compiled a list of the North American Industry Classifcation System (NAICS) codes which received the highest obligated award dollars in fiscal years 2015, 2016, and what has been awarded (so far) in 2017. With this list, we can build a picture not only of where the Federal government...



Building a Business Development Pipeline

clock 11 May, 2017 comment 0 Comments

As a part of our guide to small business contracting, we emphasized that you should not rely on the “throw things at the wall and see what sticks” kind of business development strategy, especially after going through all of the steps necessary to get your business ready for Federal contracting. With that in mind, EZGovOpps analysts have put together a guide on how to develop and a implement a business development pipeline for use in the Federal contracting market. The...



Contract Action Types

clock 26 Apr, 2017 comment 0 Comments

With the millions of data entries that EZGovOpps offers, both new and seasoned Federal contractors alike may find some difficulty in understanding the many different contract action types that are implemented by the Federal government. Our analysts have put together a comprehensive guide on the contract action types listed in Federal records, and the benefits of each for the contractor involved. Some of these may be more relevant to technology-related contracts like the Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) we described earlier,...



How Human Intelligence and Networking Pays Off

clock 12 Apr, 2017 comment 0 Comments

Following our small business contracting guide, EZGovOpps wanted to hone in a particularly important tip that we gave: the value of networking, and the contracting intelligence you can gain from it. While the majority of government contracting is now conducted online and through organized procurement systems, networking with agencies, clients, and fellow contractors can provide an important line of human intelligence that can give you a competitive edge in future competitions. At multiple stages of a procurement opportunity, the hosting...



Vendors and Buyers All Begin Utilizing eBuy

clock 10 Apr, 2017 comment 0 Comments

It is essentially common knowledge at this point that the job market has grown exponentially in the past year. Especially after the beginning of 2017, the pool of contractors has grown into an ocean of competition, opportunity and most importantly…contracting openings. In the vast, varied and constantly changing world of GSA schedules, it is difficult to know where to turn to. More than 7.5 million products and services from more than 4,000 federal agencies, state and local organizations continue to...