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How to Find Federal Government Contracts the Easy Way

clock 03 Jun, 2022 comment 0 Comments

How to Find Federal Government Contracts the Easy Way 6/3/2022 Much of what the federal government does is outsourced to companies that specialize in whatever products or services they happen to need. There are many rules and regulations that have been adopted for the sake of transparency and fairness for this process. The federal government procurement procedure is governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The FAR provides guidelines and contains references for the copious amount of clauses found in...



FY2023 Projected Federal Contracts from the White House

clock 02 Jun, 2022 comment 0 Comments

FY2023 Projected Federal Contracts from the White House 6/2/22 The latest Federal FY2023 budget information from the Biden Administration gives us a good overview of how the federal government will be allocating future funds. The figures below reflect the proposed budget. Congress may decide to modify these suggestions and/or change the obligated dollar amounts, however it still provides a good roadmap of federal priorities. The Social Security Administration (SSA) planned budget will be increased to approximately $15 billion, roughly $2...


Military Construction Contract Opportunities in Fort Worth Engineering District

clock 22 Apr, 2022 comment 0 Comments

Military Construction Contract Opportunities in Fort Worth Engineering District 4/22/22 Fort Worth has a sprawling list of federal contract opportunities needing construction firms on the horizon. In the next several years, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction projects include training and development centers, dormitories, a joint-operations center, a central energy plant, a powertrain facility, renovations, and dam repair. Included are 15 installations within Texas and Louisiana and 764 projects which constitute $2.3 billion in design contracts and $4.4 billion in...


If You’re a Federal Contractor, You’ll Need a UEI

clock 02 Mar, 2022 comment 0 Comments

If You’re a Federal Contractor, You’ll Need a UEI. 3/2/2022 Back in March of 2019, the GSA awarded an Entity Validation Services contract to Ernst & Young to replace the Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS). We are finally getting close to April 4, 2022, when DUNS will be shuttered, and the new Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) will be adopted across the federal government. This includes sites such as, the Vendor Support Center (VSC) and GSA Interact....


New PSC Codes released by Integrated Award Environment Representing the GSA

clock 14 Jan, 2021 comment 0 Comments

The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Industry Community has released a number of new Product Service Codes (PSCs) which are now in use for 2021. PSCs are used to categorize the products, services, and research and development (R&D) items that the federal government purchases. As new items are developed and sought after by the government, these codes need to evolve to meet new industry offerings, to further distinguish their differences, or to retire categories which are no longer relevant. The IAE...


Federal MATOCs awarded by Army USACE for Covid-19 Response

clock 03 Apr, 2020 comment 0 Comments

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has increased the capacity for awarded firms to construct alternate care facilities. These facilities will support Northwestern Division (NWD), United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and outlying areas as a response to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak. The total capacity expansion for the firm-fixed price and cost-reimbursement MATOCs is $10 Billion USD. The initial capacity will expand from $1,284,999,999 to $11,284,999,999. The category of funds anticipated to be employed on task orders will be Federal...


Naval Research Laboratory SDVOSB Industry Day

clock 06 Feb, 2020 comment 0 Comments

For Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) contracts expiring this year, 92% were awarded previously with no set-aside designated, and according to our analytics, only 0.012% were awarded to SDVOSB. The NRL is looking to boost their low SDVOSB set-aside rates dramatically with the help of Virginia PTAC and just announced its first Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Industry Day. The Industry Day will be taking place on March 19th at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. The program is geared towards SDVOSB but all...


Dept. of State Supply Chain Management (SCM) Services Contract Opportunity – 2020

clock 10 Jan, 2020 comment 0 Comments

A new supply chain management (SCM) services opportunity with principal NAICS 493190 was posted yesterday by the Department of State (DOS). It is currently in the Sources Sought/RFI stage. The place of performance is located at the Department of State Annex 34 (SA-34) located at 7374 Boston Boulevard, Springfield VA 22153, nearby warehouse facilities, and potentially limited overseas support trips. The Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) is looking for contractors to provide an integrated life cycle approach to the Information...


FY2020: Trump Defense Budget Proposal Features 4.9% Increase in Defense

clock 18 Mar, 2019 comment 0 Comments

Given China’s and Russia’s rapidly increasing military abilities, it is not surprising to see Trump pushing for an increase in the Defense budget. With the 4.9% proposed increase, the fiscal year 2020 defense budget tips in at a hefty $718 billion (including $164 billion in overseas contingency funds). 4.9% comes out to $33 billion for the bean counters. Some of the more interesting items tucked into the FY2020 budget include $14.1 billion for space-based investments including improvements to missile warning...


OPM Modernizing Trust Funds Federal Financial System

clock 04 Mar, 2019 comment 0 Comments

Like many other agencies, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is throwing their hat into IT modernization. OPM has IT systems called the Trust Funds Federal Financial System (FFS) that are over three decades old. The FFS performs financial management and accounting for over $1 trillion in combined assets for retirement, health benefits, and life insurance for federal employees. These older systems don’t meet the standards needed for some of the trust fund accounting and related business processes. Not surprisingly, this...